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With years of experience in teaching and pastoral care, you can be assured that your child will be taught in not only an academic but stimulating environment. Your child’s confidence and self-esteem will also benefit through the use of mentoring chats and reminders. 

Our experience brings together a thorough insight into the level of need required by a variety of students. We aim to create an environment that is welcoming and nurturing for all children and caters for their individual learning needs, from EYFS through to KS3. Sessions are both affordable and flexible with the option of online bookings.

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From adding and subtracting to solving quadratic sequences.

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From discovering sounds to analysing mature literature.

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From the size of atoms to solar systems.

Our plan

Unique Solution for Study

Children have so much academic potential but what we often see is that they can lose their love of learning. Education today has become very institutionalised and so without specially designed, stimulating learning your child is at risk of not discovering the joy of learning. Therefore our mission is to support your child through unique teaching methods that embrace the variety required for different children. This means customising our plans to aid your child whether they are for example visual or kinetic learners.

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What Parents Say

We EQVIP your child with the tools they require for this exciting journey. Our areas of focus are Mathematics, and English, which are the core subject for any successful career.

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High-quality support. My 10-year-old son is getting top-quality help with Maths as he used to struggle in this area. He now feels much more confident. I highly recommend it.

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Mansoor Ali

I initially sent my daughter for support with her homework but Eqvip has proved to be so much more. My daughter has been attending regularly for almost 3 months and we have already noticed a huge improvement in her academic ability and confidence. Thank you Eqvip for your amazing support!

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